Badass Band #8

Jake Miller & Adam Webb-Orenstein- TKC

It’s been a while but this band is worth the wait folks….The Kissing Club is BB 8! Original member Jake Miller (Also of Mechanical People and The Stevedores) used to play with guest members or as a solo act  as The Kissing Club, releasing the CD ‘Hooks’ last year. This summer Jake put together a dream team of a band to tour with 100 Monkeys. The new additions were Anna Morsett- Guitar/Vocals, Zach Arlan- Drums/Guitar and Adam Webb-Orenstein- Bass. They also have a new album out titled ‘Little Acorn’.

I have seen Jake perform numerous times, this man is a guitar god, no other way to describe it. I had no reservations about seeing him with a band, because I was familiar with the work of the other members he had recruited so I knew it could only be fantastic! As the tour progressed all I was hearing were great things about the new and improved TKC and when I finally got my chance to see them I was blown away. It was even better than I had imagined! Jake’s intensity on guitar is magnified  tenfold having Adam playing just as intensely next to him on bass. As for Anna, seeing a girl who can play a guitar as expertly as she can and at times with a BOW, is just refreshing.  Zach is an absolute beast on drums, he plays in a way that does not just showcase his talent, but makes it apparent that he loves to do it. I have said this before about other drummers, but I feel like many times it is rare to see a drummer TRULY having a good time, not just staring out in apathy and half-heartedly banging away. His smooth beats keep your head and your feet moving along to whatever song they are playing at the time, fast or slow. The members of TKC really bring out the absolute best in each other and this vibe flows out into the audience at all of their shows.

The two CD’s that are readily available from TKC are ‘Hooks’ and ‘Little Acorn’. These two albums are very different from each other, but both equally as great. Hooks is a compilation of both fast and slow paced melodies, but leans more toward fast, fun songs. Little Acorn is made up mostly of mellower melodies, and the lyrics are even more emotionally charged than those of Hooks. Either way, you will love this band. They only keep getting better! It also helps that they are the most humble, chill people you will ever meet and they ADORE their fans!

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