Badass Band 53- New York Rifles

Scope out this video interview (There are 3 parts! Not the best quality combo from my camera to  youtube…sigh.) with Portland based rockers, New York Rifles. Their classic, yet edgy compilations will win you over within seconds of taking a listen. Their new album ‘Girl Shaped Girl’ is out everywhere NOW! Watch the interview for the interesting story behind the name, what they believe makes good music, and why they like playing places where pint glasses might get thrown at their heads!






Twitter: @newyorkrifles



Published by Jo

Why do I run the site? Here's a little blurb so you all can get to know a bit about me and my journey into the world of indie music. Well, growing up I was surrounded by killer music, my pops is a punk rocker at heart but has quite an eclectic taste in music. I credit him for my own broad musical tastes. I grew up with The Clash, The Ramones, Tom Petty , Devo, etc. playing in my house. My first CD's, at age 13, were Green Day's 'Dookie' and Weezer's 'The Blue Album (aka Weezer)', which fueled my own long, passionate, continuing love affair with punk. But, as many Jr. Highers and High Schoolers, I was forced into the pop music pipeline because I listened to the radio constantly. This lasted until about Freshman year of college when I started to lose faith in music in general. The craptastic, unemotional lyrics started to irritate me, and my love of music sadly went onto the backburner. Fast forward to a few years ago, when I came across a couple of specific bands (they will remain unnamed to keep this general) by pure coincidence and they solely reignited my love of music. I found bands that actually wrote their own lyrics, experienced what they were talking about, actually put their heart/souls into it, and were/are talented enough put on such an insanely addicting live show that I can't even name how many times I have seen them now. After a couple of shows, I was addicted, live shows and independent music were my solace and I was exposed to more and more bands like these first two. The rest is history. I almost feel as after being exposed to indie music, where I believe the TRUE musical talent in this world lies, I was unplugged from the main stream musical 'matrix' and I am damn determined to never look back. Now, I have nothing against those who dig pop music. Hell, there are still a few pop bands that I am a fan of because they have established themselves as having true talent. However, I am determined to help people expand their musical tastes into something that is really, truly worth the time, money and listen. THAT is why I run this site, these bands need to be known, if I can turn ONE more person onto their music, then I have done my job.

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