Podcast-BSing with Badasses

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Episode 32- Ray Little

Listen here.

Episode 31- Saint Cecelia

Listen here.

Episode 30- Ben Reddell

Listen here.

Episode 29- Rod Melancon

Listen here.

Episode 28- Mikel- Purple Bite PR

Listen here.

Episode 27-King Washington


Episode 26- Kimi- Play Like A Girl


Episode 25- Skin and Bones


Episode 24- Nick Maybury


Episode 23-The Shakers


Episode 22- Alina Bea


Episode 21- Kat Myers and the Buzzards


Episode 20- The Absolute interview Jo and Jordan- BB 5 Year Anniversary Special


Episode 19- The Bones of J.R. Jones


Episode 18- Outside Animals

Episode 17- EasyFriend

Episode 16- Pom Poms

Episode 15- Eric Rennaker (Bedrock LA)

Episode 14-The Singles

Episode 13- Andy Clockwise

Episode 12- Elle Belle

Episode 11- Vanessa Silberman

Episode 10- No Girlfriends

Episode 9- Sarah Ault

Episode 8- Greg Mahdesian  from Swerve

Episode 7- Lauren Harman (Lip Sync Music)

Episode 6- Zachary Kibbee

Episode 5- Knitting Factory Management- Bruce & Jess

Episode 4- Dayle Gloria- Talent Buyer/Promoter Extraordinaire

Episode 3- The Echo and the Sound

Episode 2- Austin Antoine

FIND AUSTIN HERE: https://www.facebook.com/AustinAntoine.loaf?fref=ts

Episode 1- fakers

FIND FAKERS HERE: https://www.facebook.com/fakersband?fref=ts

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